Annie Crouzet Annie Crouzet

Master sommelier

4th world's noze


2009 vintage tasting
Beautiful dress black crystal clear, bluish reflections, good colors intensity.

First nose with fruity domination.

Second nose red / black fruits, blackberry and black cherry in sign of beautiful maturity of grapes. Very beautiful mouth attack, beautiful texture in mouth with a weft of elegant tannins, beautiful retro- olfaction on fruits and spice finale. The finish of a fine wine can last up to six to seven caudalies.

Wine for ageing at least 5 years.
To savor with a pork's stuffed paunch, a beef rib, a beef tenderloin wipes peppered or also on cheeses.




2010 vintage tasting
Beautiful crystal clear ruby’s dress, bluish reflections, clear with good colors intensity, beautiful downstrokes.


1st nose fruity, attractive, centered on the blackberry and the raspberry.  Confirmed in in 2nd nose beautiful attack, beautiful weft of elegant tannins, confirmation of the aromas in retro – olfaction. The finish of a fine wine can last up to six to seven caudalies. Attractive fruity finale.
Ageing wine for more than 5-years.
Exceptional  Corbières. To degust with a terrine of game, stew of bull, duck breasts with fruits


Tasting performed by Annie Crouzet (master sommelier, 4th worl'sd nose)


2009 Gold award  at the Corbières great wines contest
 2010 Brass award in Macon